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Sharon Virtue

Sharon Virtue is a British artist of mixed Jamaican and Irish heritage, currently living in Oakland California. She is a painter, dancer and ceramic artist, with many years of experience in community development.   

She has a strong social practice and has worked internationally in Mozambique, Uganda, Brazil, Haiti, America and England.  She believes artists are agents of transformation. Her mission is to inspire, encourage and provide access to the greater community in the creation of art.

For this exhibition at Palette, she explores The Cornucopia as a mythological symbol of plenty, nourishment and abundance. 

Educated in England, Sharon’s first memory of magical stories were from Greek mythological roots. There are also many other stories from other cultures around the world that are seldom heard or understood, although the themes and lessons are similar, if not the same. Sharon’s works narrate stories of shape shifting, initiation, metamorphosis and power. They contain mythological beings, which exist amidst the veils of humankind, the natural world and the supernatural.