Wine Program

No great restaurant can be complete without a clear vision for it’s wine program and cellar.  At Palette, we aim to give each guest the opportunity to experience the same passion that we have for our craft.  The wine program and cellar have been curated with that in mind.  You can travel the world and find some of the great producers and classic regions, or let the team take you on a journey to a brand new varietal or region that will compliment your evening out with us.  


Much like Chef Peter’s vision to emphasize great local products, our Wine Director Jeremiah Morehouse has a similar vision with showcasing the bounty of amazing producers that California can boast of.  From some of the pioneers to the new generation making waves, the cellar at Palette is not shy with some of the best of the best California has to offer.

Just as art is so important from multiple angles here at Palette, not only do we see the wine itself as a form of art that the winemaker crafts for our sensory enjoyment, but our glassware itself is a work of art.  Passing over the selection of another machine made foreign stem, each wine glass at Palette is artisanally hand crafted locally in the bay area by Sam Schumacher and Rocket Glass Works.  Just as the wines you enjoy should be one of a kind, here you get the double experience of enjoying them out of a stem that is too.

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Wine Director
Jeremiah Morehouse

“One of the great joys in the world of wine for me is the ability to share that joy and passion with others.”  While everyone has a unique and personal journey in the world of wine, Jeremiah’s is one that is deeply entrenched in California.  If was not until his college years while starting his career in the restaurant and hospitality industry that exposure to wine really occurred.  Now more than 15 years later he would never turn back.  

Jeremiah is one of about 250 Master Sommeliers in the world, having passed his diploma and achieved the title back in October of 2017.  The goal of passing one of the hardest exams on the planet was motivation for many years, and one that did not come easy. It is from his years of experience running many wine programs and managing some of the great programs and cellars in San Francisco that he comes to Palette with a passion to show his drive to continue to share and educate while providing the best service and experience one has to offer.  “Getting the opportunity to build a program from the ground up and establish the culture for wine at Palette is a new chapter in my journey, and one that I am fortunate for and excited to embrace.  I want every single guest that walks through our doors to feel our excitement and see that something special is happening, on both the plate and in the glass.”