Dining Room

Situated in front of the open kitchen, the Dining Room draws its energy from the central hearth and wood fire oven, where Chef Peter J. Hemsley or “Pete” has worked most intensely in creating food experiences that reflect his sensibilities, influences, and personal touch. The recently renovated space allows diners to be immersed in a fine dining experience, enjoying a seasonal variety of culinary creations grafted from the bounty of the Bay Area and greater California. Hemsley calls his style “Cal Coastal” cooking. 

Additionally, wine has a spotlight role in the dining room, with a two tiered serving kiosk built around the central column of the oval interior space, showcasing prestigious selections, hand blown decanters, and esteem for the art of the fermented grape more generally.


The Dining Room at Palette features an ever-evolving seasonal prix fixe 4 course menu, based on Hemsley's "Cal Coastal" cuisine philosophy, highlighting the bounty of the region. With a focus primarily on fish and local vegetables, diners can enjoy this seasonal curation with wine pairings stylized by Master Sommelier, Jeremiah Morehouse.

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