Bar Program

In tandem with our culinary values, the bar program at Palette is a reflection of Bay Area seasonality. Bar Director Trevin Hutchins and Bar Manager Michael Nathan collaborate to create a rotating list of classically inspired cocktails with a unique and modern twist. By utilizing unexplored spirits and uncommon ingredients, our bartenders take pride in introducing unfamiliar flavors in an approachable way. 


With a focus on sustainability, no shortcuts are taken in sourcing and products are only served in their prime. We strive to use every part of what we receive and innovate new techniques in repurposing what could otherwise be considered waste — like a garnish of pineapple ash or dehydrated rhubarb fibers.

Featured Cocktail

Root Cocktail: Chrysanthemum, 1934

Pineapple Husk Barbadillo Ataman Vermut, Coconut & Hibiscus Chateau Arton Fine Blanche Armagnac, Macchia Dry Marino Vermouth, Duplais Verte Absinthe

With all of the tropical trappings of a tiki cocktail, this drink will lend some levity to your evening. Conceptualized as a way to make use of pineapple husks that were typically discarded after making pineapple syrup, Bar Manager Michael Nathan immediately thought of rum.

Instead, looking for a way to feature tropical flavors while slightly departing from the standard tiki template, he infused Barbadillo's Ataman Vermut with the husks, bringing notes of wormwood, elderberry, almond and a touch of salinity from the manzanilla sherry base. For the base of a hibiscus cordial, he looked to Blanche Armagnac from Chateau Arton, sporting intense notes of violet, rose petal, and pepper with a hint of honey on the finish. The intensity of this spirit provided the perfect backbone to layer on flavor.

Macchia's Dry Marino Vermouth introduces notes of savory cooking herbs that play well with sherry. And then just a few dashes of Duplais Verte Absinthe to boost the herbal character — good to the last drop.