"We Hope for Continued Growth" by Nicola Parisi

"We Hope for Continued Growth" by Nicola Parisi

2019, Archival Giclee Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Matte

Print Dimensions: 8" x 10"

Framed Dimensions: 15" x 17"

70% of the proceeds from this piece will be donated to Undocufund - an organization that provides relief to undocumented immigrants in Sonoma County who've suffered fire-related and Covid-related losses and World Central Kitchen - an organization that is providing emergency food relief in the form of packaged, fresh meals to children and families impacted by Covid and by the wildfires ravaging northern California.

“It wasn’t until I moved to California that I really understood food abundance. Though my mother, an avid gardener whose work revolves around food, certainly influenced my childhood, I was blown away by the farmers' markets that I visited on the west coast. They rivaled anything I had seen growing up in a small east coast suburb, where harsh winters would curb the length of many crop seasons.

Farmers' markets were my introduction to the bounty of Bay Area agriculture, and documenting the farms and gardens of California food producers has since become part of my work. The catchphrase “farm-to-table” meant less to me ten years ago, when I had yet to really experience the abundance of a CSA box or had yet to spend two full days on a farm canning freshly picked tomatoes.

There is no greater meal to me than one that is home-cooked and made with fresh, local produce. Here in San Francisco, access to this type of produce feels unmatched. These photographs pay homage to some of the farms and gardens that are just outside of our city - and to the amazing people who tend these spaces.” - Nicola Parisi

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