We will be closed July 12th — 16th for a team retreat


Meet Our Sommelier, Franz.

Franz Zarate

Since we opened, our sommelier Franz Zarate is one of the many hard-working, talented members of our front of house team who continue to inspire others while showcasing his plethora of skills everyday.

From the lively city of Cusco, Peru, Franz grew up eating Peruvian dishes like: Lomo saltado, causa and ají de gallina. He always enjoyed the creative recipes of his favorite meals. While living in Cusco, Franz would play soccer with his friends every Sunday. After playing a couple of games, he and his friends would enjoy fresh ceviche and cold beer together.

Peruvian Ceviche involves immersing delicate raw fish in aromatic citrus juices as a way to slowly “cook” fresh fish. It is made up of fish like sole or flounder, with red onion, cilantro, corn, sweet potatoes and spicy leche de tigre.

Franz Zarate

For the entire month of July, Franz will be sharing his authentic Peruvian ceviche recipes at the Ceviche Pop-Up. Ceviche is available for purchase with your preferred spice level for $8.50 per bowl. Though a sommelier, he recommends pairing his refreshing ceviche with an ice cold beer, which is also available for purchase. Draft beer is $2, and local bottled beer is $5. Non-alcoholic, Peruvian Chicha Moradas are also available at the pop-up