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Meet Our Mom


Silvia has been a strong part of our team for over a year, helping our back of house thrive by assisting in as many capacities as possible. Since her start at Palette, she has been able to test, try and share new recipes. Her maternal characteristics and affectionate personality have even given her the acclaimed position of our “Mom,” in the Palette family.

From the Chalatenango department of El Salvador, Silvia’s mother taught her how to cook at the young age of only 7-years-old. Growing up, she dedicated her time to perfect one particular dish: the classic, and delectable El Salvadoran pupusa.

Pupusas are thick, griddle cakes stuffed with varying ingredients. Most contain fillings with meat, beans and cheese. As the country’s national dish, they can be found almost anywhere in El Salvador

Silvia making pupusas

Silvia loves to reinvent traditional pupusa recipes, as she can get as creative as she wants with the dish. Working with Palette has allowed her to “cook with her heart” and share these recipes with the team, and now, the public.

Throughout the month of June, Silvia is hosting the Pupusa Pop-up on Wednesdays through Fridays from 1-5pm. Her Pupusa Pop-up will be set at our location at 816 Folsom Street, in the SoMa District of downtown San Francisco. Pupusas are $3.50-$5 each. Also available are $2 local beers on draft, housemade Agua de Jamaica and cold brew by Huma Culture Coffee.

As Silvia continues to share her culture with the city of San Francisco, she’s happy that she can still see the effort and love in the work the Palette family does together.

We hope that you can meet our Mom as she celebrates her lifelong passion of cooking with our Bay Area community.