At The Terrace: Farmers’ Market Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad

Since the Palette Terrace debuted last month, our new menu has highlighted the newest elevated dining experience our team has created.

This extensive menu highlights Chef Peter J. Hemsley’s "Cal Coastal" cooking style, that is rooted in fresh, seasonal produce driven by talented and diverse seafood purveyors along California’s Coast.

Chef de Cuisine Parker Brown has helped develop the Terrace’s array of seafood favorites and sides - one being the simple, yet flavorful Tomato Salad. This seasonal dish is rich with ingredients by K&J Orchards, Lonely Mountain Farm, Full Belly Farm, Front Porch Farm and Tierra Vegetables.

A highlight of the salad is the dehydrated tomatoes, which are rehydrated and mixed with fresh early girl tomatoes, plums, pluots, olive oil and tomato vinegar. 

As the weather gets colder, this sensational side will no longer be on the menu. Book your table and try it before it’s gone!

Watch Chef Parker highlight it in the video below.