After graduating from San Francisco State University with a BFA in Fiber Art, Diane Tate DallasKidd traveled to Japan to study under Tsuyoshi Kuno, a 4th generation master dyer. Exploring material is a central part of Diane’s creative process. She is influenced by textile traditions and uses repetition as building blocks for discovery which become a source for expression and metaphor. Her resulting work is often textural and dimensional, echoing patterns and shapes found in the natural and urban landscape.

On the exploration of food and art:

The nest and dining table are two objects that nourish life, food being the nucleus for both. Like chicks in a nest, we gather around a table to eat and celebrate life, to share stories and ideas, re-establish ties and create new memories. Like a nest, the dining table is an incubator. A nest is also symbolic of the circle of life, an infinite transfer of energy from which death brings new life.

Created from dyed tree branches, painted threads and wire, the Red Nest alludes to the red thread of fate whereby souls are forever connected. The red wire makes its way into the City Nests, weaving our stories together. With the notions of nest, food and gathering in mind, I decided to play city bird and collect materials from various parts of San Francisco to create nests reflective of different neighborhoods.

—Diane Tate DallasKidd